6 Helpful Tips: How to Write Content for Website

Posted by VictorDev — 17 Mar 2019

How to write content for website? Who does not know this: you need an high quality content, immediately, and do not know how to start. Of course, you also do not have the time — let alone the pleasure…


Now there are two possibilities. You hire a professional copywriter or you create great text by yourself. What you should not do is to put something together by “copy and paste”. Because that’s what the reader or search engine will notice. With my 6 copywriting tips from the professional, you can start right away.


Let’s Learn How to Write Content for Website


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Tip # 1: Defining the Audience


Of course, you want to get started quickly, but take some minutes and think about who you are writing for.


  • For executives or for the cashier around the corner?
  • For adults or for children?
  • For Facebook or a technical article?
  • Who reads what you write?


And then imagine these people reading your texts. Make a real picture in your head. From Ms. Brown, who loves hiking and loves her dog. And Mr. Smith, who also reads classic literature and collects stamps during his free time.


The more accurate your target audience, the more targeted your сcontent will be. This makes your texts easier to understand and convincing. Always exclude one person from the target group. Can you guess who this mysterious person is? Oh well, I’ll help you. Remember when writing, you are not writing for yourself.


Tip # 2: Find the right time of day


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Very early in the morning or very late in the evening – everyone works differently. I alwase plan important, difficult or very time-consuming texts right in the morning. Then I put on my headphones with the favorite music and dive into theme. I often manage in two hours, which otherwise would take four hours.


Why is writing so good in the morning? The head is fresh and rested, the office is still not busy and hardly anyone bothers you.


Of course, there are also people who can better text in the evening. It all depends on what kind of guy you are. My tip: try it. Write once in the morning and once in the evening — you will immediately notice what is yours!


Tip # 3: Setting Time Limits & Dividing Texts


Woman at the laptop divides texts


Set a clear time limit. If you commit yourself to write content in an hour. You’ll be more focused on working and producing more content in less time.


Even if you can not do all the text in an hour, you will be writing much more than if you had taken two hours. Besides, the pride also drives you to “I can do it in an hour, and then I treat myself to a delicious cappuccino.” Such small incentives can increase motivation and are a good way to reward yourself.


For large projects, of course, it also helps to think in stages and to divide long texts into sections. Most texts consist of introduction, headings, main part and conclusion. If you define your text in this way, it will not only be easier to read, it will also make it easier to write. At first you can write all the headings. This also makes it easier to work on the content.


If you do not know where to start. Make a small outline of each item. So you can shimmy along the order. Write short texts on the keywords. It will ensure a sense of achievement. At the end, you can connect the individual parts together.


Are you having a hard time with the introduction? Start writing in the middle! It often helps if you are looking for a good start. I often write the beginning of an article last.


Tip # 4: Reading, reading, reading – and reading aloud


Man reads texts on an iPad


Do you need new ideas? Above all, read things that you never read. If you are used to reading newspapers, read blogs. Basically, you only read technical literature? Start a novel! Good formulations can be found everywhere. Most of them do not catch their eyes. Because you’re used to the same genre and the lyrics are becoming routine. Take time each day to read.


Do you have no enough time? Listen to audiobooks: while running, cleaning or cooking. Everyone has a quarter of an hour a day to listen to an audiobook. Yes, by the way, audiobooks are good. But try to devote time not only to listen but also to read in the old manner. I will not dive into details. But if you apply this tip. In time, you will understand all the benefits of routine reading.


Another tip: read your texts aloud. At first, this may sound strange, but journalists do it all the time. Because then you first hear what sounds bumpy. Which sentence is too long and where you stumble when reading filler words. So you can delete unnecessary words. Rule of thumb: cut each text by half the next day. It is always possible to divide one big sentence into two small ones.


Tip # 5: Developing Routine


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It’s a truism, but it’s true: practice makes perfect! If the learner looks at the driving instructor and thinks: “I want to be able to drive so easily”. He will laugh about it a few years later. Because thanks to the practice, he himself will start driving quite well.


When I learned to drive. I asked my instructor to give me some extra lessons after I got a driver’s license. And even despite the fact that it was his salary, he refused. “You know enough to drive by yourself, put your skills into practice and everything will be okay,” said the instructor. And he was 100% right!


The same I can say about writing high quality content for website. The more regularly one writes, the faster one becomes and the easier it is to develop ideas. So my tip is: write every day! Even if it’s only half an hour and no matter what. The main thing is to stay in training. Plan to write a short text every day. Whether this is a blog post, a text for your website, a flyer or a Christmas card, does not matter – write on it.


You will find that it will be easier for you from day to day. What’s more, you will develop your own techniques. That brings me straight to the next tip: Every day a little is better than a lot!


You will find that it will be easier for you from day to day. What’s more, you will develop your own techniques. That brings me straight to the next tip: Every day a little is better than a lot! This idea is as old as the world. But it still works fine. And you can use it to increase your writing skills.


Tip # 6: Sleep on it One Night


When you’re done with a text, do not edit it right away. Take the time (good content take time!). And sleepover it one night and read your text the next morning — best loud! Then you will notice superfluous filler words (good content are short!). You can delete foreign words and bulky technical terms (good content are easy!) And you can iron out bumpy phrases (good texts are easy to read!). That’s why you should definitely read your content aloud. You hear what does not sound nice.


By the way, breaks also help if you get stuck. Take a break after every hour of writing and spend at least 5 minutes doing something different. When you read your texts again, you will come up with new ideas.




Good content for website cannot be produced so fast. It take a lot of work. By the way, a lot of text is not always good content, remember this! Good texts get straight to the point. They are convincingly formulated and take the reader along. Short texts are usually not easy to write. The easier it is to read a text, the more difficult it was to write.


How great would it be if there was an app that recognizes good content!? It is here — not perfect, but the app gives a good suggestions where you can improve your text.


Not everyone know how to write content for website. And not everyone can program or create awesome design. Thus, the most important tip is delegate what you can not do by yourself.

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