Кращий WordPress плагін для створення інтернет магазину

Posted by VictorDev — 11 Mar 2019

Today I will try to do a detailed WooCommerce overview. Do you want to build your own online shop? You want to start an e-business anywhere and with little investment? With the free plugin WooCommerce, you can create a WordPress Shop. But what good is WordPress as a shop system? Find out where the strengths and advantages of this shop solution in this article.

Woocommerce overview
Briefly about WooCommerce benefits

Do you want to build your own online shop? You want to start an e-business anywhere and with little investment? With the free plugin WooCommerce, you can create a WordPress Shop. But what good is WordPress as a shop system? Find out where the strengths and advantages of this shop solution in this article.

Create a WordPress Shop

WooCommerce is a great choice for many smaller and larger store projects. A large number of customers ask me to move their project to WooCommerce. Because the running costs are cheaper and WooCommerce is much more flexible.

In this article, we will consider the issue in detail. Should you use WordPress to create an online store? Do you want to create an online store but are not sure if WooCommerce is the right choice? Then read on!

WooCommerce is a very established shop solution, especially in the US market. Thus in other countries, entrepreneurs are also using WordPress to create their projects.

I’ve already done a lot of small and large projects with WooCommerce. And I surprised how capable this plugin turned out to be. At borders, I have encountered only very rarely.

Yet, this opinion is not shared by everyone. Some developers suggest that WordPress is a blog system. Thus not taken as eCommerce system.. WooCommerce would make sense for small, insignificant web shops.

As a rule, critics’ arguments based on limited scalability of Woocommerce. A small shop with WordPress, yes, but not a serious e-commerce platform. Before I go into these arguments. I would like to highlight the benefits and reasons that speak for WooCommerce as a shop system.

Great developer community

WooCommmerce benefits from the incredible popularity of the popular content management system WordPress. For years, WP has been at the forefront of CMS, and by far not a blogging platform.

WordPress and WooCommerce work together.

Thousands of free and paid plugins are available for WordPress to complement any conceivable functionality. Many of them may be special and may not make sense for a store, but most are well integrated into an online store.

Therefore, you can use for WooCommerce all WordPress SEO extensions for meta descriptions, Sitemaps, as well as Google Analytics or Custom Fields.

Low investment costs for startup

Creating a simple online store for WordPress is inexpensive. The WooCommerce plugin is available for free. With this plugin you already have all the basic functions of a fledged shop system:

  • Different shipping methods
  • Payment methods (PayPal, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Shopping cart
  • Certificate system
  • VAT calculation
  • (Simple) storage
  • Order management

All basic functions are completely free

If you later find the basic functions no longer enough. You can access a large number of plugins. More below.

Is it easy to handle for sellers?

To say it in one sentence: WooCommerce is easy to use!

If you are familiar with WordPress. You will not have any problems finding your way around WooCommerce. If you have no or have only a few experiences with WordPress, you will still find a quick start. If you already have experience with other shop systems. It will surprise for you how easy it is to use WooCommerce.

Woocommerce easy to use

I know some companies that have moved from ShopWare to WooCommerce. They were very enthusiastic about usability and low learning curve.

Ease of use is one of the most important arguments for WooCommerce from the customer’s point of view. Because fewer questions mean less dependence on a developer or an agency. And there is nothing worse than having to rely on help with every little thing. And having to pay the appropriate hourly rates.

Ideal for combining with a website

As already described above, WordPress and WooCommerce are working together. This results in another important advantage:

An existing website based on WordPress can be converted into an e-Commerce with a little effort. If you already have a website based on WordPress. You can put the shop system on it. This saves time and effort and financial resources.

Unlimited expandable

There are a variety of free plugins available. Be it more product tabs, volume discounts, newsletter integration, shipping by weight. These and many more functions can complete in no time with free plugins.

Only if you have even more specific requirements for your shop. Or you need a complex solution for a function. It is necessary that you should invest something in your online shop. As a rule, when such a need arises. It will not be a problem for you to spend a hundred bucks on the necessary expansion.

An example is a booking plugin that turns your shop into a booking platform. Other useful paid plugins are e.g. WP All Import for importing articles from an ERP or shop system.

WooCommerce and DSGVO

Since May 2018 there is a variety of regulations that website/webshop have to observe to be secure on the internet. The GDPR and its contents are a topic in itself and should not be treated here now. But I would like to address the urgent question, whether it is possible to create a DSGVO compliant shop with WooCommerce?

The Scarce Answer: Yes, no problem.

Almost all major plugin developers have responded on time. They adapted their extensions that the new data protection regulations can implement. There are black sheep, so plugins that are not DSGVO compliant. In such cases, you should look for alternatives, of which there are enough in most cases.

The developers of WooCommerce themselves were also diligent and have u.a. ensuring that individual records for customers/visitors can delete.

Many privacy-sensitive features of a website have nothing to do with a shop. Google fonts can download to your own server. For Google Maps, such a possibility does not exist so far. With WooCommece you can and put in place transparent data protection and data usage.


Here are the strengths and advantages of WooCommerce:

  • Fast construction
  • Flat learning curve
  • Very low cost
  • Great community
  • Giant selection of plugins

These are some limits of WooCommerce:

  • Not optimal connection to ERP or merchandise management system (but possible)
  • Dependence on WordPress (means: WordPress must use)
  • Legal certainty for other EU countries than Germany has to integrate

So, I hope you have seen: WooCommerce is a top shop system that lets you get started right away. With it, you put your e-commerce idea into reality! Do you want to know more about WooCommerce? Write in the comments below!

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