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Posted by VictorDev — 22 Jan 2019

Many entrepreneurs hesitate to start a website because of the high cost of having a design and managing a website. Today there are free systems like Joomla, Drupal, Spip, and WordPress which meet a great success. This CMS will allow building on a solid skeleton. With the help of it we will graft the modules you need.


Wordpress and other CMS


There was a time the developers considered WordPress only as a blogging tool. They preferred to solve complex decisions using Joomla or Drupal. I also started my development career as a Joomla developer. But some years ago everything changed. Nowadays WordPress is able to use as the backbone of all kinds of different sites (showcase, e-commerce, community …). Major brands such as Samsung, Forbes, and CNN used  WordPress.


WordPress represents 60.7% of the CMS market share. 23.4% of the websites of the Web are made with WordPress. This incredible content management tool! Companies of all sizes and governments are using WordPress.


WordPress Stats


I help start-up entrepreneurs create their websites using WordPress. Why do I recommend my clients to create sites on WordPress? Let’s look at 7 most common reasons why you should choose WordPress.


Top 7 benefits of WordPress


One of the many benefits of WordPress is that WordPress is an open source solution. The source code of WordPress provided under the GPL license. This allows WordPress users to install and use it for free.


Easy to manage and administer


WordPress has a simple and intuitive user interface. Even beginners can easily edit web pages and enter new contents. The training time in the system can be within a few minutes. Editing a web page is as easy as editing a Word document or writing an e-mail.


One-click update


Another WordPress advantage is that one-click update of WordPress. So WordPress can even update a layman. All you need is just one click of the mouse. This reduces programming costs and helps save money.


Thousands free and premium templates


There are thousands of WordPress templates. WordPress themes look good. I use premium themes as a basis for smaller web projects. The result is minimal time for developer and client.


WordPress and SEO —  the perfect couple


WordPress and search engine optimization — the perfect pair! According to Google, you are perfectly equipped with a WordPress theme for a good ranking on Google. You can do quickly and easily search engine optimization for WordPress website. For instance, the SEO plugin by Yoast is a must and also offers good tips and instructions for SEO beginners. I can help transform search engine optimization to the next level.


WordPress is up-to-date


Since one in four websites is a WordPress website across the WWW, WordPress remains future-proof. A big WordPress community also has the advantage of providing security updates and new features quickly. After all, there are many people who rely on WordPress. 20% of all WordPress sites can live on their website, so they’re also interested in closing vulnerabilities and quickly delivering new and useful features.


WordPress is really scalable CMS


WordPress is suitable for many projects because it has the advantage of being almost infinitely scalable. Be it a one-page landing page or a multi-lingual web platform with 283 subpages: WordPress is a really cool platform. Therefore, so large corporations like CNN and Reuters are using WordPress.


WordPress works on your web server


The benefit of this is that you can edit your website from anywhere. So you’re not tied to a CMS application or a computer, but you can make changes to your website from your smartphone from anywhere.


Cons of WordPress


To be fair, of course, I have to go into the drawbacks of WordPress. However, these disadvantages are not WordPress specific but are inherent in all content management systems. However, the professional handling of WordPress actually has no real disadvantages.


WordPress is very popular


This is, of course, an advantage, but it also results in the WordPress disadvantages: Since WordPress is very widespread, the CMS also enjoys great popularity with hackers. However, the large community quickly closes security holes. However, this requires that your WordPress is always updated to the latest WordPress version. Unfortunately, according to WordPress, only 22% of WordPress webmasters do that.


A lot of plugins are not always good


The high number of plugins can quickly increase the complexity of your WordPress installation. This can cause strange interactions among the plugins. I’ve never experienced that – but theoretically it is possible and should be mentioned here.


Conclusion — Pros and Cons of WordPress


WordPress offers a simple and secure way to your own homepage. With plugins, you can enrich your website as needed almost to every function. The WordPress advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The dark side of WordPress is minimal. The large WordPress community fixes vulnerabilities and bugs very quickly. Therefore, I recommend using WordPress for your small and even big internet project.



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